SME Business Resources

This section contains information for Small and Medium Enterprises and organisations of a similar size.  


  • Cyber protections - explains what steps can be taken to manage the risk to individuals and businesses and reduce the potential for a successful attack.
  • Boardroom Toolkit - developed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is designed to encourage essential cyber security discussions between the Board of a business and their technical experts.
  • Incident response  - highlights how to prepare for and respond to an attack; how best to minimise the impact; and how to restore systems and data.
  • NI Cyber Security Research April 2021 - SME's and Charities - Ipsos MORI Northern Ireland were commissioned by the NI Cyber Security Centre (NICSC) to conduct quantitative research.  Report findings can be reviewed here.
  • Incident Response - It is essential that you prepare for an incident and practice the response. Find useful information here on how to do this.
  • Cyber Resilience - Cyber resilience is an individual's or organisation’s ability to withstand, respond to and recover from a cyber attack or data breach. Find out how to build resilience in your organisation today.
  • Exercise in a Box - Exercise in a Box is a free online tool developed by the NCSC which helps organisations find out how resilient they are to cyber attacks, and allows them to practise their response in a safe environment.
  • Business Hub - Our easy to understand information hub designed for small businesses in Northern Ireland.  Features a free pocket guide download.
  • Cyber Assurance - Get certified with the nationally recognised Cyber Essentials certification.  Tell the world you care about cyber security!