About us

Who we are

We work to make Northern Ireland cyber safe, secure and resilient.

We are focused on ensuring that we have a cyber aware society and business community to better protect their technology, systems and data from cyber attacks.

What we do

We play a prominent role in the delivery of the Government Cyber Security Strategy 2022-2030, and are a key advocate for cybersecurity in Northern Ireland.

We work with public, private, third sector organisations and our citizens to improve their ability to defend against cyber attacks, increase their knowledge of cyber threats, and become more cyber resilient. In tandem with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), we ensure they have access to the right advice, guidance and support.

Our advice and guidance are tailored for individuals and micro/small businesses (up to 250 employees). Larger organisations require a more scaled-up approach. We work in conjunction with NCSC and these larger organisations to help develop strategies in managing cybersecurity at scale.

More specifically, the Northern Ireland Cyber Security Centre:

  • Collaborates with our counterparts across the UK to ensure that Northern Ireland is part of the overall UK cyber response to incoming threats and attacks.
  • Provides access to knowledge about cybersecurity and threats.
  • Issues guidance on the actions necessary to improve the cybersecurity of our citizens and public/private sector businesses.

What we want to achieve

  • A better-informed population 
    We provide a centralised communications role for cybersecurity in Northern Ireland.
  • Better cyber resilience
    We work to ensure citizens and businesses in Northern Ireland are prepared to deal with cyber threats and respond/recover from cyber incidents.

What we don’t do

The Northern Ireland Cyber Security Centre is not responsible for:

  • Cyber Crime
    If you are a victim of a cybercrime contact the PSNI
  • Coordination of cyber incident response 
    This is the remit of the PSNI or National Cyber Security Centre