Advice and Guidance

This section provides advice and guidance on what cyber security is, the key cyber threats affecting businesses and society in Northern Ireland and protective measures that can be taken to minimise probability of an attack being successful and how best to prepare for the worst case scenario to be able to recover from a cyber attack.

This section outlines:

  • What is cyber security - demistifies what cyber security is and how it relates to everyday life and business.
  • Cyber threats - outlines and explains the common cyber attacks being faced by businesses and society and what they are and how they happen.
  • Cyber protections - explains in everyday terms what steps can be taken to manage the risk to you, your family or your business and significantly reduce the potential for a successful attack.
  • Incident response  - Highlights steps on how to prepare for and respond to a successful attack and how best to minimise the impact and restore systems and data.