Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat Intelligence involves collecting, analysing and understanding information about potential cyber threats. It helps organisations proactively identify and mitigate risks by providing insights into the tactics, techniques and procedures used by cyber criminals.

This information is crucial for enhancing cybersecurity measures, protecting sensitive data and staying ahead of evolving threats in the digital landscape.

Below is a list of creditable resources you can access to gain up-to-date information on relevant cyber threat intelligence;

  • Ollie Whitehouse, CTO the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Ollie has created a blog on Substack that is free to sign up to. In this blog Ollie provides a breakdown of the digital landscape at a high level. To sign up to his blog click here.
  • NCSC produce responses, reports and advisories on cyber security matters affecting the UK with regular updates. This is a key source to use to understand what threats currently affect the UK. These responses, reports and advisories can be accessed by clicking here.
  • The Cyber and Fraud Centre Scotland generate frequent threat intelligence alerts and guidance we can be found by clicking here. An app has also been launched for SMEs to help them stay cyber resilient, which can be downloaded via the Apple App Store for apple users or the Google play store by Android users.
  • Cyber Scotland provide monthly Technical Bulletin's which can provide you with information about updates, exploits and countermeasures on cybersecurity threats. To access these bulletin's please click here.
  • Police CyberAlarm is a free tool provided by local police forces and funded by the Home Office. This tool helps your organisation monitor and report suspicious cyber activity you face. Police CyberAlarm will detect and provide regular reports of suspicious cyber activity and vulnerabilities which will enable your organistion to identify and mitigate cyber risks. For more information of Police CyberAlarm click here.
  • CISP - Connect Inform Share Protect. CISP is a secure platform that enables users from organisations to collaborate on cyber threat information. It is managed by NCSC and membership is free. CISP is currently in the process of migrating to a new platform, once complete there will be a dedicated group for Northern Ireland. To register your interest to join the CISP platform click here.

The above are a number of free resources that your organisation can access to gain Cyber Threat Intelligence. These resources will help you put procedures in place to help prevent your organisation falling victim to a cyberattack.

If your organisation has fallen victim to a cyberattack you can report the incident to NCSC here.