Actions to take when the cyber threat is heightened

Published date:

Cyber Warning image

The NCSC have urged UK organisations to bolster their cyber security resilience in response to the malicious cyber incidents in and around Ukraine.  

While the NCSC is not aware of any current specific threats to UK organisations in relation to events in and around Ukraine, the guidance encourages organisations to follow actionable steps that reduce the risk of falling victim to an attack, including:

  • patching systems; 
  • improving access controls and enabling multi-factor authentication; 
  • implementing an effective incident response plan; 
  • checking that backups and restore mechanisms are working; 
  • ensuring that online defences are working as expected, and; 
  • keeping up to date with the latest threat and mitigation information. 

Further information is available from the NCSC on actions to take when the cyber threat is heightened