World Password Day 2020

Date published: 
06 May 2020

World Password Day

World Password Day on Thursday 7 May provides a timely reminder for us all to evaluate our passwords. The NI Cyber Security Centre is encouraging us all to assess the strength and security of the passwords we use to secure our online accounts from hackers by taking our Password Pledge

Security expert Simon Whittaker of Vertical Structures and Chair or NI Cyber states "According to the Verizon data breach report of 2019, over 60% of 'hacking-related' breaches leveraged either weak or stolen credentials. We all need to take more responsibility for our passwords and this pledge is a great way to help demonstrate this commitment.”

If you use the same password on multiple accounts, such as your email, online banking, online shopping and social media, a cybercriminal can access all of them by cracking just one password!. This leaves you exposed to identity theft, financial loss, extortion, fraud and other cybercrimes. Hackers will thank you for allowing an open door into your digital world.

For up-to-date tips and actionable advice on creating more secure passwords to secure your online accounts take our password pledge.