The NCSC has launched a new Cyber Advisor scheme

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cyber Advisor
cyber Advisor

The NCSC has launched a new Cyber Advisor scheme that aims to help the UK’s SMEs with trusted cyber security advice.

The scheme, aimed at small organisations that lack in-house expertise, provides access to cost-effective advice and hands-on help to help them guard themselves against the most common cyber attacks.

How does it work?

The Cyber Advisor scheme gives you the confidence that your chosen provider is offering NCSC approved cyber security advice.

All Cyber Advisors have passed an independent assessment that measured their;

  • Knowledge and understanding of the Cyber Essentials' technical controls.
  • Competence in providing practical and hands-on support.
  • Ability to understand and work with SMEs.

The full list of Cyber Advisor providers can be found on ISAMEs website.

The Cyber Advisor scheme is operated on behalf of the NCSC by their partner organisation, ISAME. To find a Cyber Advisor organisation, visit ISAME's website.