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Cyber Guarded is a Belfast based independent Cyber Security Consultancy with over 17 years’ experience providing cyber security services to Government and the private sector in Northern Ireland, GB and the Republic of Ireland.

We are an NCSC Approved Service provider for CHECK Penetration Testing and have been providing this service to Government Departments and the Public Sector for the past 15 years.  We are also a Cyber Essentials plus certification body and NCSC Approved Cyber Advisors.

Our Cyber Security Services include, Penetration Testing, Risk Management, Red Teaming, Audit & Review and SaaS.

This event aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of testing your cybersecurity posture holistically through the removal of defender bias by applying an adversarial lens to your organisation.

Red Team exercises, insights from the trenches and the importance of having a ‘get out of jail free card’.  Red teaming occurs when ethical hackers are authorised by your organisation to emulate real attackers’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) against your own systems, revealing potential threats to your critical resources from the wider business rather than being confined to a specific subset of assets.

Tea, Coffee and Traybakes will be provided

Hosted By: Cyber Guarded Ltd

Target Audience: Public Sector

Venue Name: Innovation Centre

Venue Address: Forthriver Business Park, Belfast, Antrim, BT12 7DG

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Event Information

When04 March 2024

Time3:00pm - 3:45pm

Where Belfast

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