Protect your small business against cyber threats

Event date(s): 02 August - 31 December 2023

Protect your small business against cyber threats.

Small businesses are often targeted by cyber criminals, as they may have weaker security systems than larger companies. As a result, it’s important for small business owners to educate themselves and their employees on how to stay safe from cybersecurity threats.

Sign up your small business for a FREE Allstate Cyber Safety training session and acquire crucial skills to safeguard your business online.

What does a training session involve?

Our hour-long interactive training session, led by Allstate experts, is tailored for small businesses. Whether in-person or virtual, it delves into essential cybersecurity topics for an engaging learning experience.

What does the training cover?

  1. Common cybersecurity threats
  2. Security best practices
  3. Training your employees
  4. Useful resources

What happens after the session?

Participants will receive a comprehensive cyber safety guide, summarizing key training topics. This valuable resource acts as a reference for ongoing learning and reinforcement of important concepts, ensuring continued protection at your small business.

Why should you sign up?

  • Gain insights to protect your business from cyber threats
  • Equip employees to recognize and respond to risks
  • Strengthen your business’s security and protect sensitive data
  • Stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity challenges

How do I sign up?

Send and email expressing your interest to

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