Cyber Safety for Kids

What is Allstate Cyber Safety for Kids?

Protecting Kids online is more important than ever. Allstate Cyber Safety offers a fun and educational way to teach kids ages 8-9 about online safety. 

Our goal is to give every child the knowledge and tools they need to navigate their online world safely. That means being safe online and knowing when to... stop, think, tell.

What happens after the session?

Each child will receive a Cyber Safety swag bag. Inside, they’ll find a workbook filled with engaging activities related to the session’s key topics. This workbook can be enjoyed both in the classroom and at home, empowering children to reinforce their knowledge and stay safe online.

Why should your school sign up?

Empower children with essential Cyber Safety skills for a secure online journey. Cyber Safety training helps give children the tools they need to be safe online. As well as that, every session is interactive, fun and informative for children and teachers!

How do I sign up?

Send an email expressing your interest to

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Event Information

When01 August - 31 December 2023

Where Virtual

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